Monday, June 10, 2013

Free Summer Reading Programs 2013

Just wanted to share a couple of the reading programs I hope to successfully have my kids participate in over the summer.  I really liked these three the most, but there are so many out there (check your local library, too)! Each program offers the reader great prizes for reading as little as 15 minutes a day over the summer. Prizes range from shirts to books. I went ahead and printed out the log sheets and stapled them all together with a blank cover sheet so each kid could decorate it. 

The best part is your child can read one book and it counts for all of these. Check out the reading program (Click the links on the titles and read their terms) and enjoy some reading time!

H-E-B (Texas Residents Only)
This one is pretty simple.  Your child reads 10 books (little ones can be read to) and fill out the log.  Parents must initial the log and you send it off to H-E-B.  We've participated in this one before and got a free shirt and other smaller goodies, so I suspect it's the same since they ask for shirt sizes.

Barnes & Noble: Imagination's Destination
This one is quite simple, too!  According to their web page, read eight books, fill out your log, take it to your local store, and pick out a FREE book from their list. 

Half-Price Book: Feed Your Brain
This one asks for a longer commitment from the child, but also offers some neat rewards.  They want each child to read 300 or more minutes a month in June and July (works out to at least 15 minutes a day).  Once they hit the 300 mark they can turn in their log and earn Bookworm Bucks that can be used to buy books.  The top reader at each store per month also receives $20 dollars in Bookworm Bucks.