Friday, October 29, 2010

Where is time going?!

"They say a mother gives her children 
two things

first she gives them roots & then she gives them wings.

The wing part is definitely harder!"

Well, I have been so busy that I have been ignoring my blog even more.  I have been taking pictures for my blog and have lots of posts planned, but I just need a clear hour to do it all.  I have been really crafty as of late so expect a couple of craft posts.  None-the-less, I feel like time is going by way to quickly.  Soon my eldest will be seven and my youngest will be five months.  I recently read a post from one my favorite blogs asking her child,"Who gave you permission to grow-up?"  A lot of people don't realize who quickly time does pass by.  Hug your kids and enjoy every moment of it (even the hard ones) because before you know it, they will be grown.  However, part of it all is also learning to let go.  I have always said that when you carry your child in your womb that is the only time where they are all yours. The moment they cut the umbilical cord you have to learn to let go. Each day they grow a little more and accomplish more and you do have to "give them wings" to do it.
"They say a mother gives her children 
two things

first she gives them roots & then she gives them wings."

Sunday, October 17, 2010

Defintion Dizzy....

So lately I have been wondering about what exactly food labels mean.  I read "Natural" on the label, but turn it over to read ingredients that sound like a science book.  I recently found this article that breaks it all down into easy to understand definitions. 

To Quote Willy Wonka....

"So much time and so little to do. Wait a minute. Strike that. Reverse it."

I have been neglecting my poor blog baby.  I actually have done a couple of projects and some recipes, but just haven't had the time to post them.  I will get them done!  Check back to see a couple of recipes and a couple of projects.


Tuesday, October 5, 2010


Sadly, I didn't get to write a blog entry yesterday.  It was a really busy day with taking my mom to my eldest child's school for Grandparents Day.  It was fun, but could help but feel a little sad that my children don't have a grandfather in their life.  I had to keep reminding myself that it was a blessing that my children do have at least grandmothers in their lives.  Some people grow-up never knowing their grandparents.
After getting home and making dinner my eldest started with tummy aches.  I told her to lie down and rest.  She did and seemed fine.  I then checked-up on my Facebook to find out the couple who I previously mentioned on my Thankful Thursday entry found out that the pregnancy didn't stick and they had lost the baby.  I then also found out that one of our friend's from our old neighborhood found out that their daughter is no longer in remission from Leukemia.  They found a malignant tumor on her leg and will begin treatment soon.  It's was so crumby to read all the sad news.  I just sat there and did what I could, which was pray. 
Shortly, thereafter my child's stomach ache took a turn for the worse and the throwing-up started.  Not that long after that I also joined the tummy trouble party.  Needless, to say it was a long and tiring night.  Thankfully, it seems whatever it was has gone and my younger children didn't get it. 
So, yesterday left me feeling "Blah" but as the character Chuck Noland from the film "Castaway" says, "And I know what I have to do now. I gotta keep breathing. Because tomorrow the sun will rise. Who knows what the tide could bring?"  Tomorrow is a new day and I have nothing but hope and faith for my friends and family.

Friday, October 1, 2010

Foodie Friday- 10/1/10

So, I don't have a recipe to share today, but my post is food related.  A friend of mine posted this video of a four year old hamburger.  "What?!," you say...yes, a four year old hamburger from a Happy Meal.  You will be amazed and disgusted when you see this.  What does it tell you when not even a basic living organism like mold won't eat it?!  What is even more amazing is that if you do a search on the net you will find lots of people who have also done this experiment.  Insects and even rats won't eat it!  Wow!