Thursday, October 6, 2011

Thanks, Steve.

Well, yesterday Steve Jobs passed case you haven't heard.   I lied in bed last night thinking about Mr. Jobs.  It was mind-blowing, just how influential he was during his short time on this earth.  I started to think about my first experience with a computer.  It was, if you haven't guessed, a Apple computer.  A Mac.  My brother was and is a huge fan of Apple products.  I dare you to find a computer that he purchased that wasn't a Mac.  When he was in college he had one of these beauties pictured above.  I remembering going to his apartment and gazing at that tiny little screen.  My parents were so nervous about me handling it, but my brother insisted that I would be okay.  He let me try almost everything on it.  He insisted that my parents buy a personal computer for our home.  It was gonna be the wave of the future. 
My dad did eventually buy a Mac for our home.  It was also one of the earlier models.  A dinosaur compared to what is out now.  Pretty sure my phone has more memory and a faster processor than that one did.  Years later my brother convinced my dad to buy the newest and hottest PC from Apple.  The iMac.  The internet was the newest thing and once again my brother insisted that we need to hop on board.  This computer was going to make it so much easier.  So off we went and my dad bought one of these.  
I LOVED that computer.  It was pretty, but it all(the whole comupter) fit inside the monitor.  It had USB ports which were quite a new concept.  That iMac sits somewhere in my garage.  Doesn't work, but it's there.
Years later iPods and iTouches came out.  My husband and I also jumped on that trend.  I sit and look at my iTouch and now more than ever, I am totally amazed.  It's a computer in the purest sense of the word.  It's a computer that sits in the palm of my hand.  With it I can contact old friends, store more songs than I own, hold pictures, play games, watch movies, look-up information.  It's a long, long way from that clunky thing in the first picture.  It's amazing.

My grandfather was born in 1901 and died in 1997.  In his lifetime he saw the first car and the first plane.  The first TV, the phone and computer.  Because of Steve Jobs I got to witness human innovation.  Years from now I will tell my grandkids about this beige block of plastic with a small black and white screen that started a revolution.

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