Monday, August 29, 2011

Music makes me happy!

Well, once again my sweet little blog has been placed on the back burner. We have been so busy with school starting again and trying to fall back into a schedule. I also just found out I am expecting my fourth child. With this pregnancy fatigue has hit me hard and I am having a small bout with morning sickness which I have never really experienced before.
I have several post on some ideas and crafts I have done lately all set up in my head. I got to get to it and get them all typed out. Until then I thought I would post about the concerts we have been to in the last couple of months.  It has been really awesome to get to see all of these shows.  I think this is the most shows we have ever seen in such a short time.
First, there was Katy Perry in July. She had such a great show and it was so colorful. She sang all her hits and she is so sweet and funny!
Then this month we went to see Sublime with Rome and 311. It was a great show, too. I was so excited for my husband who has been such a big fan of Sublime ever since I met him. 311 was a great addition to the show. I knew a few of their songs, but we left loving them. Especially this song, which I have made my official theme song for this past summer.

This last weekend we were blessed by my brother with tickets to an event honoring everyone who ever worked with the NASA Space Shuttle program.  It was festival style with food, drinks and ice cream.  Astronauts were on hand giving autographs.  It was so neat and my kids had a blast.  It was also the hottest day of the year!  Yikes!  We all had fun.  It was bittersweet, too.  A lot of these people have been working on shuttles for the whole 30 years.  It's gonna be a transition for them, but pray they all get to go on to bigger and better things.  The special treat of the night was a private concert from Five for Fighting, which is a one man band.  I knew a few of his songs going in, but once again left a bigger fan.  He is very talented and did his whole show with just a piano and guitar.  He opened with this song which is so beautiful.
Next month we get to go see Train and Maroon 5. I was lucky enough to win some tickets on my local radio station. I probably wouldn't have ever bought these tickets on my own despite the fact of how many of their songs I enjoy. I am really looking forward to hearing this song live.

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  1. love that you go to so many concerts! looks like fun :)