Friday, July 29, 2011

My New Trip "Must Haves"

Here's the next of my blog installments on our vacation. What was completely unique about this trip (at least for us) is that we planned it with a few money-saving (and some time-saving)ideas. Some of the greatest things we used on our trip were these four things:
Zipper-seal bags (in three sizes), a roll of TP, a roll of paper towels and small organizational trays from the dollar store.  I will tell you why each one of these things is on my new must have list for trips.
1.  The Zipper-seal bags-  I got these at the dollar store (Didn't want to get name brands, just simple ones).  I used the larger ones for dirty, wet clothes, for larger snack bags that opened and spilled and to organize in the car (i.e. all the snacks in this bag, all the lunch meats in this one, etc.).  I also read somewhere that they are good for any upset tummies when you need somewhere to throw-up fast.  Thankfully, I didn't have to use it for that.  The snack size are great for pouring single-servings of snacks into or saving leftovers.
2.  A Roll of TP:  With little ones in the car, it's hard to get them to hold it until the next rest stop.  We keep a small bowl style potty chair (think Baby Bjorn) under our seats with a bottle of water.  We can pull over anywhere and they have enough room in the van to "go".  We use the water to rinse out the bowl.
3.  A Roll of Paper Towels:  This one is a no-brainer.  It's good for messes!  Plus, since we did not stop to eat during our drive from Texas to Florida, we ate in the car.  I had an ice chest full of cold-cuts, cut up fruit and veggies and drinks.  We didn't have a lot of spills, but the roll was there when we did.
4.  Organizational Trays from Dollar Tree (Two Trays for a Dollar):  This one by far is my favorite.  I came up with this idea because my toddler has trouble trying to hold everything she is trying to eat in the car.  Actually, we all do.  With the trays I was able to place their sandwiches, chips and veggies in and it was easy to hold on to or place on your lap.  We didn't have a single spilled meal!  You can line it with a paper towel and clean-up was so easy.  Plus they all stack neatly on to each other.


  1. What a great idea...since the trays store so easy, they'd be good year round for snacks and other car-trip activities.

  2. So smart & practical. I remember car trips with little ones & a little preparation goes a long way! Thanks for linking this idea to my linky party. Please do come back again this Friday.

    Warmly, Michelle