Wednesday, June 22, 2011

10 Things in 10 Days!

Well, as previously mentioned, I am addicted to blogs.  I love seeing other people's creativity and just overall wealth of information.  Well, while clicking away at one blog link after another I came upon this post from Cha Cha at Sit, Relax and Read.  She recently inherited a yearly blog post called "10 Things in 10 Days" from another blog owner.  Her challenge is to come up with 20 tasks and to do at least 10 of those in 10 days.  They need to be things that you keep putting off or never get around to doing.  They could be easy or hard as you wanted, but the point is to get-up and FINALLY get to at least 10 of them.  I decided to really commit to this one.  I am such a procrastinator and there are quite a few things I need to get to this summer, especially before our big secret family vacation.  So, here is my list to share.  At the half way point I will post an update.  Here we go!!

My 20 Things for 10 Tasks in 10 Days
1. Make "Established" Family Signs for my niece's wedding present and one for us.
2. Go to the church where we held our Girl Scout meetings, drop off key and pick-up our stuff.
3. Set-up Build-A-Bear Party
4. Donate Hotel Toiletries to Church
5. Refinish Table
6. Sign-up for Baptism classes
7. Take magazines and plastic bags to recycle.
8. What are in those boxes in the corner of the dining room?
9. Clean out hall closet.
10. Clean out baby's closet.
11. Put away clothes that don't fit baby.
12. Find charger for baby monitor.
13. Clean out under bar.
14. Clean out China cabinet.
15. Clean out clutter basket in kitchen.
16. Take cookies to USO.
17. Mail book log for oldest to receive free t-shirt.
18. Make an itinerary for Florida Trip and find out about discounts.
19. Make packing list for trip.
20. Clean out and organize my own closet.


  1. Number 8 is cracking me up! I have boxes in my house that I have no idea what all is in them, so glad I am not alone in this. Your list looks amazing, hope you enjoy checking things off.

    Have fun working!
    Cha Cha

  2. Your number 7 is my number 4 and I, too, love your number 8. I have some boxes like that as well.