Thursday, June 2, 2011

Franklin's Flying Circus

This last spring break we went to visit some family in Brownsville, Tx, my hometown.  During our visit, the Brownsville Air Fiesta was going on.  We had drove-by and admired the planes that flew over us.  We went back to my mother-in-law's home (which is about 2 miles from the airport) and about 45 minutes later we heard the sirens.  Then more sirens and then more.  We knew something had happened.  It wasn't long before my friend's status updates from the air show let us know exactly what happened.  A husband and wife wing-walking team's plane had crash landed after the engine failed.  Amanda Franklin, who was the actual wing walker (her husband Kyle is the pilot) had managed in their quick decent to get off of the planes wings and into the plane.  However, upon impact flames consumed the front end of the plane where Amanda sat.  Her husband tried to get her out and he was burned badly on his arms.  Amanda suffered burns over more than 70% of her body and was air lifted to a burn unit in San Antonio.  She fought through multiple infections and surgeries.  Sadly, last week her husband made what is hands down one of the toughest decisions anyone has to make.  He put her on comfort care and she passed away last Friday.  I started to follow this couple of Facebook after the accident.  Kyle wrote such touching updates about his wife.  It is quite a love story.  I just wanted to share their story because the RGV Chapter of the Confederate Air Force (the organization that puts Air Fiesta together) will be holding a great fundraiser for the Franklin's this weekend.  They have multiple items in a silent auction.  The best part is you can bid online through their Facebook page HERE.  Make sure and "like" their page for more details.

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