Friday, July 15, 2011

Please, seriously someone stop me!

OMGosh! I can not believe it...our vacation is here. Tomorrow Today, we leave for Florida. As I said before, first we will be spending time with some old friends who have graciously opened-up their home to us. We hope to spend a lot of time on the beach and fishing. It's gonna be great. I picture it much like this Travelocity commercial which cracks me up every time it comes on.  I think it's her laugh/scream that always does it for me...I tend to laugh like that.

After a few days on the beach we will then travel to Orlando.  Then we drop the news on them and whisk them into the park.  Seriously, someone has to stop me from watching this commercial over and over.  I still sob every time it comes on.

So, I won't be blogging much next week, but I am sure I will when I get back.  Everyone have have a great week!

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