Monday, August 16, 2010

Always surfing the net....

 Okay, confession of the day.  I am always on the internet.  Not, like every hour, but at least three times a day.  I do check on my Facebook (who can resist?! lol) and check my emails but mostly what I do is a lot of research.  I believe the internet is one of the biggest blessings (sometimes not) that a modern mom can have to her use.  I review products before buying them, research prices, find tons of recipes, connect with other moms, learn about prescriptions and even find doctors (that's how I found my OB/GYN who I love).  However, you need to be weary of where you look-up your information.  Not all sites are reliable.  Also, when reading product reviews keep in mind that there will always be one or two bad reviews.  Sometimes the product isn't what that particular family needed or they got a bad version of the product.  Plus, people are always more like to write a bad review than a good one.  So if a product has one or two out of a few dozen then that is not too bad, but if a product has more negative than positive, stay away.  I also wanted to share one of my favorite sites that I am so glad to have introduced to me.  It's the U.S. Government's recall website.  With so many toys and other household items being recalled it's hard to keep up, especially if you don't watch the news that much.  Even if you don't have kids, sign-up for their email updates.  I will tell you that you will get a lot of emails about stuff you don't own, mostly about hoodies that are being recalled because the drawstrings pose as strangulation hazards (which makes you think why they even sell them in the first place).  However every once and awhile you will get an announcement that makes a difference.  Click Here for the Recall website.

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