Monday, August 30, 2010

Mindful Monday's 8/30/10

I thought today (and perhaps on other Mondays), I would share things that I read or find that help me as a mom.  Being a mom like any other job, is something you have to keep learning and training.  I have learned that not all kids are the same and not even your own children who make look alike they will act completely different from each other.  They are individuals and you have to adapt and re-work your parenting sometimes. 
Today, I thought I would share two links that I have found.  One of them I learned about in Family Fun Magazine (which is by far my favorite magazine for families). In one recent issue they mentioned a website called It is a blog written by a mom who used to be an early childhood educator.   She has such cute and fun ideas for the home and also for helping your preschooler learn.
The other link is actually something I just found about 10 minutes before I wrote this.  I was looking up for some information for a friend of ours on Lakewood Church here in the Houston area and I ran into a blog written by Joel Osteen's brother, Paul Osteen, M.D.  I had the honor of listening to Paul speak last December about being a positive force in your child's life.  While reading up on him I found this blog entry that he wrote.  I think it brings up some great points on how we can be a blessing to our children. 
On a totally unrelated note...I had to share how my child's principal asked me to make her lunch (in jest of course).  She loved all the cute lunches I made last week for the first day of school (sandwich on a stick, snail wrap sandwiches, and heart shaped peanut butter sandwich)  It's nice to hear stuff like that! 

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