Friday, September 3, 2010

Foodie Friday- 9/3/10

So my good friend and ex-neighbor bought me a copy of Jessica Seinfield's cookbook, Deceptively Delicious.  The whole concept behind the cookbook is how to make foods your kid's love with hidden veggies in them!  Sneaky, huh?!  >:-)
Well, as soon as I got the book I wanted to try something out, so the first recipe I did was the recipe for the chocolate chip cookies with Garbanzo beans in them.  Sounded to crazy to work, but I tried it.  Since the recipe is copyrighted I can't share it on here, but there seems to be a lot of recipes with Garbanzo beans in them.  So give it a whirl!
The Garbanzos!  AKA Chickpeas.  I will admit they do kinda look like Macadamia nuts, but I was still skeptical when I opened the can.
The butter and sugar.  I was supposed to use tub margarine, but figured I could be bad and use real butter since they had veggies in, that's all I had.  I was supposed to use a cup of brown sugar, but I was short about 1/4 of a cup so I used Splenda (hence the small white pile). Most of my recipes are poorly planned...but I can wing it!

Fat girl confession of the day...I love when recipes ask to cream the butter and sugar can you not resist tasting it?  It's like Cinnamon Toast with out the cinnamon or the toast....yeah, pretty much butter and sugar. 
I hate separating egg yolks from whites...look at my first attempt....FAIL.

I added the rest of the ingredients and set-up my cookies to bake.  You can see the chickpeas, but most people thought they were nuts.

These are the "healthy" yummies.  My kid's loved them, especially when I let them eat them for breakfast one day.  My husband said they were good, but I haven't seen him touch them since he found out about the Garbanzo beans.

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