Friday, September 24, 2010

No Foodie Friday....9/23/10

So I didn't have a chance to make a new recipe this week.  I did however make a cute Halloween/Fall/Christmas Decoration.  I was blog browsing and found this blog post from Ruffles and Stuff on how to make a bird mobile.  I like the idea that you could change out the birds to match the seasons.  Shortly there after I found this blog post from Dabbled on a Halloween tree.  Immediately the gears in my head started turning and I combined the two.  I made a tree that I spray painted gold and figured I can use it for Halloween, Thanksgiving and Christmas.

First, I went out and found a branch in my yard that the oak tree decided to get rid off.  We had tons!  I placed it on some newspaper and painted away.  I then left it out to dry and when I came home it was gone.  I think some neighborhood kids thought it would be funny to steal a gold branch.  Either way this is what it looked like.  I ended up just making another one.
If you see this branch report it to me immediately!  LOL

I then cut up a  small carvable foam pumpkin from the dollar store and use that as my vase.  I added some floral foam on the inside (also from the dollar store) and placed the branch in making sure it stood straight.  I then held the branch in place and placed these white decorative rocks(you guessed...dollar store find) over the foam to weigh it down and keep the branch in place.
I also found these small ceramic pumpkins at the dollar store...aren't they cute?!
Then also from my lovely local dollar store I added these two crows/ravens to the branches!
Here is the finished product!  I may add some small tags with quotes from Edgar Allen Poe's "The Raven" or maybe a little banner that says, "Happy Halloween".  I might also just leave it alone!
I was thinking for Thanksgiving I might take off the crows and maybe add some fall leaves or something like that.  Then for Christmas I can change out the pumpkin for something that goes along with Christmas and then add ornaments and a cardinal to the tree.  I might make another one of these painted white or silver for spring and summer.

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