Monday, September 20, 2010

Wandering The Web

Okay, this blog is totally not mom or homemaker related, but I just had to write about it.  It never ceases to amaze me how big and full of information the web is.  Although I know a lot of it may not be accurate you will find yourself wandering into a website that just sucks you in.
This evening I was doing a search on the Julia Robert's movie My Best Friend's Wedding (one of my top all time faves).  When my search results popped up I was surprised to see a news article that was written in a Houston suburb's newpaper.  The title of the article instantly caught my attention, "Katy resident meets Vietnam vet at Astros game". I clicked on the link and was met by an awesome story that was filled with a bit of history and most of all hope.  It also sparked more interest in me as I came across something I had never heard about... POW bracelets.  This led to another search.  I ran a search for POW bracelets and found a brief re-account of the history of them written by one of the original people who came up with the idea.  Their website then led me to the website for The National League for POW/MIA Families. I found out that not only do they still make bracelets for those missing soldiers, but here was an organization that even after all these years still work so hard to find POW/MIAs from the Vietnam War.  I was also even more amazed at the number they listed on their website.  They have lists of how many are still unaccounted for, how many have been found, how many sighting of Americans there have been in those areas even up to very recently.  It was all quite interesting.  Anyway, if you are interested please visit the League's website and learn more and read the article.  They are both very interesting.

All that from a 1990's Julia Roberts movie!

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