Wednesday, September 15, 2010


So this last weekend we were really blessed to get tickets to a charity softball game hosted by the Jonas Brothers and also tickets to their concert that night.  It was fun to see my oldest dance and sing along.  It was really hot too, but all worth it in the end.  Anyway, the Jonas Brothers sang all their hits one of them being , "Love Bug."  It's a cute acoustic guitar driven tune with an old-timey feel to it.  The song always reminds me of my second child.  It took four years to have my first child and after waiting another four years after that I thought I was never going to have another child.  My doctor said it was a slim chance since I have PCOS.  After taking a couple of rounds of one drug I kinda lost hope and stopped.  Then God suprised us with another beautiful child!  Anyway, everytime I hear that song I get a bit teary...just listen to the words and instead think of it as a song to a baby.

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