Monday, September 20, 2010

Leg Warmers....

So, I got my computer back and it's working great!  It rained almost all weekend, so I spent a lot of time browsing through tons of blogs out there.  There are so many great ones...just tons of information and crafts!

Well, my daughter had asked me to make her some leg warmers.  At first I had decided to crochet some.  I found this pattern and went to work.  However, after getting a third of the way into one I realized it was too big and had to undo it and start over.  Dismayed, I returned to browsing through blogs before I started again.  I then found this blog post from Little Birdie Secrets.  It shows you how to make leg warmers for kids and babies out of knee high socks!  I went to the dollar store today and got some black socks and went to work.

After making them I crocheted some small hearts (pattern also from Little Birdie Secrets) and added them to the leg warmers for a girlie touch since most of her dance wear is black and pink.

They were a hit!  I used a mens pair of socks for my child and they worked really well.  Just measure the sock against your child's leg to make sure they cover the calf part of their leg before you cut a perfectly good pair of socks.

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