Monday, September 20, 2010

Grandfathers and Piggy Back Rides

This last Friday I was at Sam's with my mom and my kids.  We went to have our fancy lunch (hot dog combos for under $2 each).  As we sat in ate, right behind us was a woman with her two children and her father.  The children's grandfather was probably in his late 60's and we kept hearing him joke and making the children laugh.  When he stood up to throw away his trash he came back to the table and started to give his grand-daughter a piggy-back ride.  The child's mother quickly piped-up, "DAD!!  You are not in my living room.  We are in public!  DAD! You can't just give the kid's piggy-backs here! DAD, PUT HER DOWN!"  The kids and the grandfather giggled and rode around the table one more time before he put her back down.  The Mom continued to huff and puff about her embarrassing father.  My mom giggled quietly at them.  I on the other hand was holding back tears.  That would totally be something that my dad would have done with my kids.  I probably would have been huffy about it too.  I wanted so badly to turn around and tell her to let him do it.  To let him enjoy his grandkids and they him.  I wanted to tell her that her kids were so lucky to have a grandfather to play with, make memories with and that gave them piggy back rides at Sam's.  I held my tongue though...I was so afraid I might burst into uncontrollable tears.  I really missed my dad at that moment and was sad that my children were growing-up without a grandfather in their life.

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